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chicken coop, from The Art of Doing Stuff. fanciest chicken coop i've ever seen. some day when i have a house i'd like to have chickens like we had growing up. a girl can dream. might want to work on that house thing first. I so want this

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chickens names are on the signs Navychick's Page - BackYard Chickens Community Love the idea of having plaques for the chickens.

Build a pallet chicken coop for your flock

12 Backyard Pallet Projects for Today's Homestead

I love this DIY project.thanks Bonnie Jean for sharing this link Helicopter Studios: Chicken Coop


I like the design of this coop - lots of room and things to keep the birds entertained. Personally, I would use it to start young birds as it really isn't big enough for too many big hens.

Chicken coop - Love this!!

Two most essential requirements of the chicken pen are safety and comfort. You must save the chicken from possible danger and you must make sure that the birds are comfortable inside their coop.

Tongue and groove cedar chicken coop. About $400. Attached run. DIY.

Chicken Coop Tour – DIY coop, four chickens, cost about 400 dollars (tongue and groove cedar!

Nice 55 Backyard Chicken Coop Design Ideas

55 Backyard Chicken Coop Design Ideas

Nice 55 Backyard Chicken Coop Design Ideas

A wonderful blog about how she built her chicken coop - no plans, but a very good & informative read with great pictures!!

The Coop

the fanciest, prettiest chicken coup i have ever seen on The Art of Doing Stuff. Don't laugh, but I seriously would love to have chickens one day.


I like that this offers the option of the run before or instead of letting the chickens out the main door. Great for lazy Sundays if you don't have a sensored door.