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Alcaçuz Saia midi listrada

Alcaçuz Saia Midi Listrada - Alcaçuz - Farfetch.com

Skirt, with pleat opening in the middle front and on both sides at the back.  www.miss-candyfloss.com/images/627pl-tar-bro-back2.jpg  www.miss-candyfloss.com/images/627pl-tar-bro-front.jpg  www.miss-candyfloss.com/images/627pl-tar-bro-side.jpg  www.miss-candyfloss.com/images/627pl-tar-bro-back.jpg www.miss-candyfloss.com/images/627pl-aube-front2.jpg  www.miss-candyfloss.com/images/627pl-aube-back2.jpg  www.miss-candyfloss.com/images/627pl-aube-front.jpg

Skirt, with pleat opening in the middle front and on both sides at the back…

denim tie skirt by Martha W McQuade, via Flickr

fitted yet flexible shaping on skirts and dresses. (denim tie skirt by Martha W McQuade). an idea

DIY skirt by Carol Browning

DIY Skirt, this is adorable. love this skirt! but i want someone else to make it for me because im not that great with the sewing machine


Batik Amarillis made in Indonesia proudly presents Batik Amarillis' folklore vol Transylvanian skirt mini obi belt it's a unique folkloric skirt inspired by traditional costumes in Transylvania, with meticulous intricating Hungarian embroidery

Linen Double-Layer Cropped Pants Beige/Off White

Inspiration: Linen Double-Layer Cropped wide-leg Pants Beige/Off White, with frog closures for interest.