Life Size Ghostbusters Slimer 3D Wall Art Scale 1:1 Prop

Slimer #Ghostbusters

one traditionaldanimatio's Slimers (Ghostbusters)

Slimed: Ghostbusters Art by Jason Edmiston - Peter Venkman, Bill Murray, Slimer




Doesn't matter how many times I see this - the preposterous premise and the whole-hearted way in which the actors commit themselves to it is hugely entertaining. If you can't appreciate the humor of a city being razed by a monsterous marshmallow man, then you need to go out and find your funny, because you've obviously misplaced it.


Extremely geeky, but a backpack based on the Ghostbusters proton pack?! You'd be the hit of any party.

"Ghostbusters. Life changing for me.

Watching Ghostbusters, you'd never guess that Slimer had such nice legs.


Unknown Artist

Ghostbusters Tech Poster Set By Christian Petersen; Always wanted a real-life Proton Pack and Ghost Trap

He is Vigo! Villian of Ghostbusters 2



Ghostbusters 2

Ghostbuster Dr. Ray Stantz Adult Costume T-Shirt - Small Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters, starring Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts and Rick Moranis. Directed by Ivan Reitman. ($9.99)