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    • Lori Rognlie

      Groan!!! There was a guy in my high school that was 6'11' and he dated a girl that was 5'2". What a waste of 21" !!

    • Danielle Roberts

      "FACT... It is absolutely true. What's so great about it? Do guys ENJOY feeling like GIGANTIC GIANTS? Hello?!? I'm right here! Standing next to you! You do not have to break your back to talk to MEE!!!" << hahaha so true

    • Minji Byun

      FACT lmao im not tall but i thought it was funny

    • Elizabeth H

      May be a tall girl problem but we short girls LOOVE the tall guys <3<3<3

    • Lynn Francke

      #1 pet peeve

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    Note: Some of the things I post on this board do NOT apply to me and/or necessarily reflect my own views.

    Walking up to someone short and you say, "wow, you're short" :)

    Tall Girl Problems... that is what I keep telling people but they don't believe me until I try the dress on...

    So true. I always think it will be relaxing, but then realize that when you're too tall for the tub it is the opposite of relaxing. Showers it is:)

    I've gotten used to it. In order to get the sleeves long enough, I have to buy the shirt so big it could fit a small elephant.

    I don't think it's so much "tall girl" problem. Im going with "short girl" problem, since my little sister is taller than me and it's my face in the boobs... Lol

    What's even better is when you give in to wearing heels yourself.

    Tall Girl Problems. Worked out for me. My husband is tall enough I can wear heels.

    tall girl problems. Especially here in Ecuador. EVERYONE thinks I'm married with kids. Which is a concept I do not understand. If they are short, and married with kids, why should height be in any way proportional to age? Just sayin.

    This, but also getting to the realization that this just won't work so you give into short guys.