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This includes everyone in your, family, friends, co-workers, business partners. Showing you appreciate someone goes a long way!

This is something I struggle with every day, but I have made a lot of progress from where I was.

The hardest thing for me to understand is why someone would ever say something they don't mean. Being an honest person means you are honest 100% of the time.

The best day of your have the power to make your life the BEST it can be! :)

Sometimes I need reminded of this...especially today when I am feeling overwhelmed.

Worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening it just stops you from enjoying the good.

Due to some recent issues with long time friends-or so I thought they were, someone gave me this quote to cheer me up...and tell me what a true friend really is...thanks!!

I would like to make a card out of this and send it to all the teachers that told me daydreaming would get me nowhere.

You ask how I hold myself so well, I just remind myself shit could be worst. And that makes me pretty greatful.for the shit I have.

Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for.