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Times New Roman by Pedro Javier Arbelaez, via Behance

Great typography

Ralph Waldo Emerson - Minimalist Illustration – Design Different



The sleepers and coal

Broken Type ShanghaiType - From invisible to visible Guest Speakers: Felix·Pfäffli / Alien Wang Guest Host: John Yu Time: December 6, 2014, Shanghai Poster Designed by Felix·Pfäffli Printed by Snap SH Co-sponsored: / Bundstar Media Cooperator: SnapDesign / 陆俊毅_设计现场

by Karel Martens

Galano Classic Typefamily on Behance

i really like the text wrap around the word press. i also like that there are two different fonts used in this graphic. It makes each word stand out individually.

Love is in the air


On your life.. You allowed to pay attention shittt... But I know y'all can multitask keep pursuing your wicked life that you are looking to make it so wickeddddd..

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Extreme LTE