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Good to know! How to make symbols ¢☂¿☀♥☮☆♛♬✂☯ and more using your ALT button., this is soo cool!

Plate stand in the bathroom!

Im amazed how many people dont know this. Cook bacon in the oven. Cover cookie sheet with tinfoil first. We do 375 for about 20 min instead of 400 for ten because the lower and slower the more fat renders out. Then all the bacon is done at the same time, meanwhile you were free to make the rest of breakfast.

How to crystallize violets

Awwwww ;)

visual motivation.

Orginally a plastic, Dawn handsoap bottle. Spray paint is amaaaaaaazing. Why didn't I think of this!

50+ Ways to Tie a Scarf

-wreath made out of pages from old books- How horrible would it be to use pages from old, ripped-up, neglected Bibles for this project? Maybe another way to "Write (God's commandments) on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates." Deut. 6:9

Kitchen Aid Kitchen

Mandolin by Kitchen Aid!!!

Bell Jar Domes

Natural Cleaning Tips for the Bathroom -- like using a lemon to remove hard water stains!

Wow!!! Great to know!

river rocks in a box + garden hose = clean feet


Williamsburg Pottery Pitcher or Creamer with Cobalt Blue Tulip

Next time you have green onions, don't throw away the white ends. Simply submerge them in a glass of water and place them in a sunny window. Your onions will begin to grow almost immediately and can be harvested almost indefinitely.


Victorio Strainer

bench - world market

World Market!


pink glass pink glass pink glass

rainbow glass...