DIY bobbin clips to avoid tangles..

Tip for keeping bobbins with spools of thread - a plastic drinking straw

Use magnetic strips to hold bobbins!

Coin purse - tutorial. These are very handy in a purse with a clip so you can put your hands on it when you have coins to stow.

Tutorial explaining how to sew with elastic thread and showing some of the amazing things you can do with elastic thread!

Easy yardage chart!

Want to learn to sew but don't know how? Check out these 10 sewing classes online perfect for beginner and novice sewers!

guide to sewing needles what the colors mean!!!

How to Choose Your Thread

Us ladies always like to try fun #DIY things, right? This is a cool idea! :) #Creative #Headphones


EASY Sewing Tips & Tricks

Pinner says: This woman's blog is awesome for sewing beginners - she makes everything look really easy.

Plastic canvas dividers - such a simple idea, but positively brilliant at the same time!

How to machine sew yoyo's together ~~ tutorial

Simply ingenious idea for making bobbin covers - no more spiderwebs of thread. Another DUH moment on Pinterest

sewing room ideas - Yes! No more digging through a drawer or feeling compelled to spend time winding them up!

fun DIY

Steering wheel cover

Sharp, crisp corners with no need to clip seam allowance so its more durable. Why didn't they teach this technique in home ec class?

Thread Hack