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    Colt Model 1851 Navy

    While John Wayne used many Colts in his movies. One of his personal guns, Wayne gave the Colt to Gary Hess who worked for his gas and oil exploration company, DECO. The maker of the Duke's holster rig remains a mystery.

    Mastetpiece! Colt 1851 Navy

    The Colt Peacemaker, the gun that won the West!

    Old Western Guns | Doc's pair of Colt Single Action Army revolvers - .45 Colt | Guns TOOLS OF THE TRADE

    1851 Colt Navy

    Colt 1851 Navy


    Colt Mod. 1851 Navy, Uberti, USA

    Super Rare Colt 1851 First Model Squareback Navy Colt.

    Colt 1851 Navy revolvers


    Rifle and Colts

    Colt 1851 Navy .36 Caliber Percussion Revolver

    Colt Model 1851 Navy revolver and Model 1855 Pocket Sidehammer revolver

    Size Comparison of Colt Percussion Revolvers: (top-to-bottom) Walker (1847), Dragoon (3rd Model - 1851), Navy (1851) and Police (1862).


    Engraved Colt Model 1851 with Carved Ebony Grips. Mid 19th Century.

    Colt Third Model Dragoon Percussion Revolver, ca. 1853 Made by Samuel Colt

    ❦ Colt Firearms - The Spirit of the Wild West Guns Swords Firearms Colt Revolvers

    Colt .45