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  • elizabeth alessi

    honeycloud cakes... egg whites whipped with honey & fruit

  • Lindsey Lloyd

    Honey Cloud Pancakes •1 large egg and 1 egg white •1/4 cup of warmed milk •1/4 cup of flour (plain will do, I used 00) •1 pinch of salt •2 teaspoons of honey •1 dash of vanilla extract •1 tablespoon of butter •Soft fruits •Honey

  • Jennifer Olesen

    Honey Cloud Pancakes: egg whites and honey whipped up and baked with fruit for a healthy pancake.

  • Jenny Cain Gates

    Honey Cloud Pancakes. Interesting. Egg whites folded into pancake batter for an extra-fluffy pancake. Recipe is for single 6-inch (diameter) pancake, baked in the oven. [I'm not sure about adding the egg white or baking it, but I do love that it's instructions for a single pancake, so I can make just one {instead of a whole batch} when it's just me!!].

  • Naana Dankwah

    Honey CloudPancakes

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Honey Cloud Pancakes: egg whites and honey whipped up and baked with fruit for a healthier-and tastier-pancake.

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