missing someone so I have to keep them in my dreams.

This is why I told the Santa at the Towne East Mall that I would come back next Saturday to take a picture. With my boyfriend. Just couldn't do it by myself!

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Missing you...

I will always hold you in my heart mom. I know you and dad are walking beside me. I love and miss you both

I miss you.

so sad

Even after all this time, I still can't believe you are will be 22 years on 1/13...missing my brother, Greg

Missing you...

Yeah I miss you but you really hurt me. Im sorry i couldnt be there but my kids and marriage had to be first. I haven't said bad things about you nor do I wish you misery. But believe what you want . I'm fixing my life and I'm happy and I wish the best for you. And that's all I have left to say.

Me and My Friends :)

Sometimes it hurts to breathe