Life isn't perfect

More words to live by.

life goes on

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back and realize they were big things. #inspirationalquote #quotestoliveby

So so true

Ain't that the truth, being a mother

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. This is one of my favorite quotes!!

in the blink of an eye... wish I could make certain people in my life wake up and realize whats important in life

This is your life... sometimes takes a while for people to get what's coming, but as long as you do the right thing karma will catch up to them in one way or another...and when it does it will totally be worth it!


So true.

So true

Never give up on something you really want. Its difficult to wait, but worse to regret

life quotes.

Realizing this with everyone who has passed away lately. It is so sad and tragic. My hope is that we, the ones left behind, as well as those we morn for have no regrets and know without a doubt just how much love is life, in death and forever in our souls.


Don't worry :)