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    A small part of the Atlantic Ocean seen from Dún Aengus (Inishmore Island, Ireland) located on a high cliff (photo by Marek Misztal, 9/27/2005).

    blue ice

    480 underwater partition 01 by Tigers-stock on DeviantArt



    Force of Mother Nature ~ epic wave

    Some days there are choppy waters, those are the days to walk on water

    lull of the waves

    Amazing wave

    YULI SATO, 062310

    Just imagine the water to be warm. The light you see is shining off of the boat and some from the moon. Is anyone thinking about a midnight dip? The water is shallow let's go for it. This picture says all of this to me. If I let my imagination go i can feel the sway of the boat and then the water up my nose as I dive in, coming up for air and shifting with the waves, I look up to see the stars.Amazing photo.Take me Away!

    steam coming from the hot springs in underground caves which lead into the ocean's cold waters #iceland #landscape #icelandic

    Such an obsession with the ocean.

    The sea

    wind and waves

    Et elle a ce que tu n’as guère, le trop-plein et l’excès de force. Son souffle donne je ne sais quoi de gai, d’actif, de créateur, ce qu’on pourrait appeler un héroïsme physique. (Jules Michelet - La mer)

    The Wave, Paria Canyon-Vermiliion Cliffs

    Sea Foam