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sun, sand, water and mermaids.


MERMAID ~ MERMAIDS "Beauty in the water, Angel on the beach. Ocean’s daughter. I thought love was out of reach 'Til I got her.

If mermaids were real...

claire-o: “ A photo from my new series FIN. © Claire Oring Be warned when crossing paths with mermaids. They are the most mesmerizing monsters in the sea, seducing your senses with their bewitching.

Mermaids are real and until we have explored 100% of the ocean,  you can not tell me otherwise.

Mermaids are real.

7,815 Likes, 30 Comments - Finfolk Productions (@finfolkproductions) on Instagram: “"Leave your worries by the shoreline, And run your bare feet though the sand, Let the water be a…”

CosmicDaughter Quit hiding your magic. the world is ready for you ✨


Real-life mermaid swims with whales using very own fish tail - and holds breath for two minutes on deep sea dives Feisty fish: Hannah has been confronted by sharks while underwater, but says she scared them off with a frightening face

Comment here what criature will you be. Fairy, Mermaid, Human, Ogre, Witch, Wizard, anything you want.

Comment here what criature will you be. My answer definitely mermaid

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Mermaid ★ prince: down where they do not walk down where they do not run down where they pop their heads to stay all day in the sun swimming free wish I could be part of the sea.

Beach - soft tones

Wishing You a great day at the beach for you .any day anytime you find yourself in a peaceful,beautiful beach xoxo.



Spending time with family

The singing ocean

juicycouture:      Juicy <3s mermaids!

justbeingnamaste: “ Let us swim together in the ocean of our being.

une sirène !

Mahina Mermaid / Photo by Joni Sternbach / Surland Series

Mermaid Hyli the2tails.com

I'm Zoe, I'm this is a picure of me and my husband, ( well fiancé then,) when he learned I turned into a mermaid when I touched water. Bye for now!

Amazing pic...beautifully dome mermaid <3  #TooFacedSummer

Mermaid with blue tail under the Sea

Conserve our oceans and its people and creatures... because I'm a believer :)

Save the mermaids- keep our oceans clean!