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  • Marian Neerup Larsen

    Roasted Root Vegetables / La Tartine Gourmande - Nice food styling.

  • Food Author

    spring veggies #Food #Recipe #Yummy #Meals #Dinner #Chef #Cook #Bake #Culinary

  • Emma Wood

    I left the market with my basket filled with radishes of different types, turnips and carrots of various colors, red and yellow and pink baby beets, celeriac and apples, fresh ginger and garlic.

  • Tan Ja

    la tartine gourmande. gluten free roasted root vegetables. radish. turnip. carrot. baby beet. celeriac. apple. fresh ginger. garlic. #fodporn #yummy

  • Kiki Belle

    a post featuring some of the most delicious food photography i have ever seen

  • Kids&Babies Design

    Roasted Root Vegetables. What an unexpected color palette for vegetables! Love the pinks and purples.

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Roasted Root Vegetables. The photography on this post is gorgeous! "I was so pleased to find a wide selection of scrumptious-looking root vegetables... I knew that I would rub them simply with garlic and thyme, adding perhaps coriander or cumin. Then, I’d roast them, so that my vegetable dish would reveal the taste of each vegetable while offering a patchwork of cheerful colors."

Five vegetables you didn’t know could be purple, like carrots, and how to cook them.

I would LOVE to eat like this! I would have to start by changing my whole diet to be vegan again.. but It actually makes you feel so much better when you eat the foods that grow in your climate at that time!!!

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