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your girl friends are the ones with flawless support after a bad hair cut, a roll of desperately needed toilet paper passed under the stall wall, and at your door (stat) with wine, chocolate, pizza, and (hopefully) ice cream when life is a bitch slap of suck-fest. LONG LIVE GIRL FRIENDS.

every. single. time! This is totally me! If there were cameras in bathrooms. I am sure people would be laughing so hard!

When I see someone race up the lane ahead of everyone else and then start putting on their turn signal for someone to let them in - it will never happen with me. If they start inching in front of me - I will hit them before I let them in. Don't even try.

for those who are close to me ... you're all my "besties" :-) @Kimberly Watson-Rutledge @Jill Donohue @Darleen Hutchins @Carrie Bethea-Esposito@Cynthia Laracca @ColleenChad Biskupiak @Ruth Citroni Richardson