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The Things Nobody Tells You About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding isn't as simple as "baby plus nipple." It can create a lot of unexpected biological quirks and emotional reactions, leaving many new parents blindsided. Here are some common breastfeeding experiences you may not have heard about, compiled by new moms and women's health experts.

Some women are nursing ninjas and experience no difficulty with breastfeeding. But, if you dont end up being one of those lucky women, here are three things to know about breastfeeding that no one else may tell you.

Happy Breastfeeding month! This article really sums up natural ways to increase your milk supply and things to avoid that might decrease your supply!! Best summary for breastfeeding moms on the web!

Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding - Breastfeeding Place. Good list if things to avoid when pregnant. As well as keeping a food journal to find other foods that might irritate the baby's tummy.

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10 breastfeeding tips to get you through the night

Breastfeeding tips to get you through the night


5 Guilt-Free Things You Can Do While Breastfeeding

5 Guilt-Free Things You Can Do WhileBreastfeeding

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45 Things To Do With A 6 Month Old Baby

Things to do with a baby

Breastfeeding one baby is commendable; however breastfeeding twins, triplets, or more, deserves a Nobel Peace Prize! Do not fret – successfully breastfeeding multiples can be easy!