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Meet the most adorable, popular pig on instagram! She's pretty stylish, too - she loves to lay out on the beach and pose in her cute clothes!

Adorable! I just love pigs. One of my most favorite animals, with the gorilla being the other! My grandmother once said that baby pigs are probably the most perfect animal baby. And as I had raised them (farm pigs), as well as having a pot bellied pig for many years, I have to agree. Very, very smart as well.

He wasn't sleeping, but stayed like that for half an hour so he wouldn't wake her up, best friends forever. #aw #adorable #cute #animals #interspecies #snuggling #piglets #dogs #pigs

Laws Make Taping Farm Cruelty a Crime-An article worth reading. Shows what money from corporations can some states make it illegal for anyone filming animal cruelty to try to stop it and will now be on the terrorist list. Unbelievable!

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Community Post: 50 Pictures Of Cross-Species Friendships

Animals deserve better than to be raised by factory farms, but by no means will cute little Wilber stop me from eating bacon. FYI: Vegans & vegetarians wanting to share their opinions can GTFO.

Just look at this precious face, this little one is so sweet and innocent. This is another reason why I don't eat meat!


Top Ten Fascinating Facts About Pigs

Pig's are extremely smart. We had a pot-bellied pig who we trained to go to the bathroom outdoors, walk down the sidewalk with us and not run off, and come when he was called.

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Miniature Pets

I want a micro mini pig so bad! they are the cutest! Look at its little belly (ohmygoodness that is just soo cute) @Christa Vickers Vickers johnson