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  • Kris Gee

    Love her light brown eyes

  • Natalia Vao-Haupini

    Middle Eastern eye makeup is very big, bold and a common factor to Middle Eatern makeup. Although people may think that eye make up in the Middle East is so predominant due to the look it is also due to the subtance that they use called Kohl belived to be usefull protection from eye disease and from the harsh sun.

  • Sahara Roberts

    Most Rare Eye Color | ... mix of red and blue. Sometimes this color is owned by the albinos

  • Vamp Ire

    'Beautiful' #eyes #eyemakeup #veil

  • Evita Loca

    #BeautifulEyes #GoldenEyes

  • Lej K

    Arabian style eye makeup

  • Alma Mesa

    Beautiful eye makeup |

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"Brown Smokey Eye: Urban Decay NAKED 2 palette" by mrsplancarte ❤ liked on Polyvore I have this palette! I can't wait to try it!

Gilles Paris - CG--- thanks God to let me see that wonderfull eyes... visit for more