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    [Sherlock] This whole sequence, I couldn't stop laughing. Oh, these two. :)

    *spoilers* Angry John. Gah i just realized he punched his teeth and nose!! <---Does that mean that (for those moments) John didn't love him anymore?

    Don't mess with John Watson, MD!

    I don't even watch this show and this is funny.

    Tumblr Explains Why "Sherlock" Needs To Come Back On The Air Right Now - BuzzFeed Mobile

    We need season three so bad. Not for myself, as I'm rather new to the fandom and so haven't had to go through the horrendous waiting, but for the sake of my fellow fans, WE NEED SEASON THREE.

    Ryan Sullivan Wilson so.....hmm....this could quite possibly be a re-make of one our texts ;)

    **SOILERS** Tumblr Reacts To The "Sherlock" Season 3 Premiere | Lol! All so true!

    Even though I know Moriarty is dead, I had to pin this. Solely for the The Incredibles reference. XD

    "I'll call him Jawn!" I don't know who started the whole hedgehog otter thing, but pictures like this make me glad it exists.

    Such a poignant moment. Just look at John's earnest expression, and Sherlock's smile.