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This Kwakwaka'wakw moon mask is carved from red cedar and has copper inlays, and depicts the four stages of the moon, as well as the ebb and flood tides.

Corey W. Moraes is of Tsimshian heritage (Lax Kwa' Laams Band) and belongs to the Raven Clan ~ 'Someone Kept Saying Potlatch 1' ~ Red cedar, airbrush paint, lettering enamel, dowel, twine, tacks, copper. Fully articulated eyes and jaw. photo credit: John Calhoun ~ Tsimshian Fine Arts

Northwest Coast Native American Loon Sculpture Red or Green Design

When one thinks of The North - Canada, Alaska, and the Arctic - specific animals come to mind: bears, cougars, and loons. The loon is such an