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U.S. Retail Sales Rise As Consumer Confidence Grows

Research recently performed by the US Department of Commerce finds that consumer spending habits continue to rise despite the current stock market woes. This is due to an increase in consumer confidence from lowered unemployment rates and the lowered gas prices because sales show that customers are being very selective with what they buy. This is important to fashion forecasting because an upturn in retail economy means high sales and inventory levels. Ashley McEuin

Consumer forecast of the upcoming holiday season. Analyst predict a 3% increase in sales this holiday season from last year. Impacting factors include black friday sales, lower gas prices, and promotions starting earlier. Miranda Kretz.

A study performed by retailing expert Judy Harrison shows that the larger segments of girls from ages 15-25 either prefer clothes to fit their own personal style, or make their fashion choices mainly based off comfort. Only 15% of woman base their purchases off the latest trends and fashion forward thinking. This is important to fashion forecasting because it shows us what our current consumer values. Ashley McEuin

Retail impact of the millennial generation. Due to our new generation being so consumed by technology, it is predicted to greatly increase sales in the retail world. With how readily products are available at the palm of your hand on technology, year after year, younger consumers are spending more money. Miranda Kretz.

An article talking about a recent survey by Personalized Consumer Survey which states that over half of consumer participants would spend more money on online clothing stores which offer product recommendations based off their recent searches. Ashley McEuin

30 Real Balmain Pieces Cheaper Than Balmain x H&M

With the new highly anticipated release of the Balmain x H&M collection, products are already sold out and being resold. The purpose of the design was to make high fashion pieces more available to those who cannot afford the expensive brand. With its release, the products are being resold online at pries higher than the original brands. The high demand is defeating the purpose of the newly released collaboration. Miranda Kretz.

This App Lets You Know Which Fast Fashion Brands To Trust

This new Australian app lets you know which brands are doing their best to improve production guidelines. This app is called "Good on You" and is free and available for android and iOS. It's essentially a database for shoppers who want to know more about the environmental, labor, and animal-protection standards of various brands. Bailey Toupin

ModCloth Just Got Rid of the "Plus-Size" Label From Its Site

ModCloth decided to drop the word "Plus" in plus size from their website after interviewing many customers. The company conducted a survey of 1,500 women who wear over a size 16, and found that they feel embarrassed about going to a separate store for larger sizes, and 56 % said they didn't like being labeled Plus size. The move came after the campaign to #DropThePlus, which went viral after models noticed that thinner models were receiving a "plus" label for no reason. Bailey Toupin

Guide to Ethical Shopping Sites

Links to eco friendly shopping sites. Consumers today are into recycled pieces that are environmentally friendly and eco-conscious. This is incorporated into many areas of consumer buying- from fashion to grocery shopping. This is predicted to be on the rise as we work to save our planet. Miranda Kretz.

This article talks about American Apparel and their plans to unveil new products to appeal to their young consumer market after they just recently filed for bankruptcy. Chief Executive of AA talks about how money was so tight in recent quarters that they were forced to pick and choose which divisions would get funding. Now that they've been given an infusion of cash to move forward, the executive says they plan to release new items that will regain their young, hip consumer base. Ashley…