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I want a daughter who will nurture and love people. A daughter who will be sweet and kind. I want a little girl who I can teach to be a woman. Nobody ever taught me how to be a woman, so teaching a daughter will be very fulfilling.

Of a different nationality. One of a different color.


Should say adopt a CHILD. there are too many children left in foster systems because they were orphaned beyond infancy. It takes more work but I will do it one day. because every child deserves a caring family, even if they are already potty trained.

I've already accomplished this, but I would love to do it again :]

I've always wanted twins! But since I already have a boy & want a girl too and we only want two more children. I'd hope if I did, they were at least two girls. Or one boy & one girl!

Scary, but exciting.

Bucket List: Ride A Subway in New York. Now checked off my Bucket list Road trip with siblings in 2007

"My bucket list" by lovelypao on Polyvore

All except Harry Potter, Chanel flats, and Tiffany engagment ring. (I don't care as long as it's a ring)

See a Broadway play. Preferrably BatB or Cinderella or... you know. ;)

I've seen show that were on Broadway in different cities; Lion King in Chicago and Wicked in Des Moines but now I can finally say I've seen a show on Broadway. I saw Aladdin on Broaddway in New York on June 2016

in process

Bucketlist: have a dog for its entire life. We got Sushi and Waffles as puppies so not quite their entire life.

OH YES!!!!!

✅bucket list ~cover my bedroom walls with lights, pictures & lyrics! my rooms like that