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    How to Make Olive Oil Soap Without Lye

    by Mary Ylisela
    For centuries, olive oil and olive oil-based skincare products have been known to provide many benefits to the skin. You can purchase olive oil-based soap, but many store-bought soaps contain lye, a strong alkaline, caustic substance that can dry and irritate the skin. As an alternative, you can mak...
    • D.A

      Jabón casero con aceite usado | La Bioguía

    • Maria villamil

      Natural soaps are fairly easy to make with many types of vegetable oils, including controversial palm oil.

    • Lara Kaymen

      How to Make Soap at Home Without Lye Soap is produced by mixing fats or oils with lye to produce a chemical reaction called saponification. The finished soap no longer contains lye and an end product, called glycerin, is extracted. Glycerin is then made into soap bases that can be used for melt-and-pour soap making. These soap bases, s...

    • Vannessagr Vannessagrace, author

      Coconut Oil Health Benefits

    • Casey Kitt

      Solid Advice: The Best in Rock-Hard Beauty Products

    • Casey Collins

      Four Reasons To Stop Using Antibacterial Soap Now!

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