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Vitamin-rich recipes your kids will actually want to eat

Vitamin-rich recipes your kids will actually want to eat

With a strategic (yet, easy) bi-monthly meal prep plan and about a zillion freezer bags, you can spend 2-3 hours cooking and preparing enough clean eating food for your toddler to have roughly two snacks and a lunch for five days a week. Three hours or less? That's the equivalent of a Tuesday/Thursday college class. Easy peasy, and much more fun.

15 strategies to help toddlers with sensory processing disorder and food aversions to try new food! Tips from a parent who has been there!

Healthy Toddler Snacks

Nutritious and delicious, these healthy toddler snacks are easy to make and perfect for your little eaters!

Turning My Picky Eater Around: An Easy to Follow Plan

It has been a while since I’ve talked about my second son, Isaac, and his own difficulties with eating. Some of you may remember the numerous Cooking with Your Kid posts where I talked about strategies I used with him. Or, the post I wrote, Practicing Patience, a more personal account describing the sheer frustration I felt as...Read More »

What My Toddler Eats in a Day

If you’ve had the luxury of making meals for a toddler you’ll quickly appreciate the one constant that comes from creating a toddler feeding routine. Here’s a look at what my toddler eats in a day- from breakfast to dinner and snacks included!

Toddler Meal Ideas: Getting Your Kid To Eat

We put together this list of easy and tasty toddler meal ideas perfect for getting your little one to eat his meals on time.