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You can't help but sing it in your head as you read it!

"Snape, Snape" | T-Shirt | Cute Harry Potter Shirts

I sang it in my head as I read it. -- my best friend gets this song stuck in my head all the time when we are together.

Post Potter Syndrome. Symptoms include; crying at the sight of red train engines, blue cars, broomsticks, grey school uniforms, round glasses, lighting, and flashes of green light, having one-night-stands with other fandoms, involuntary quoting of the series at random intervals, praying to J.K. Rowling for another book, and constant pinning of Harry Potter related content. I have it bad.

This shirt would have been PERFECT about 3 or 4 years ago when i finished reading all the books and watching all the films. but i would still wear it now bc i think i am still suffering from post potter syndrome.


Louis Vuitton/ Lord Voldemort Shirt/Tank (might be kinda hard to find.

Having this Tshirt would be almost as good as owning an invisibility cloak!

invisibility cloak harry potter humor tshirt // if you can read this t shirts // funny tees with words and sayings

Ok I have NEVER read Harry Potter and and have only seen the 1st movie (which I didn't really care for), but OMG this is hilarious!!!!!!

Harry Potter T Shirt - Pott Head Screenprint - The Perfect Gift for the Harry Potter - phile in your life.lol me

Couldn't decided if I should pin it in Harry Potter or Geocaching. Went with Geocaching because even some of my wizard friends don't understand.

hp: my muggle friends just don't understand | T-Shirt

My muggle friends just don't understand. I would totally buy this :)

Track. Haha I love this, even though I love other sports.

Track | T-Shirt

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