"Rudeness is the weak person't imitation of strength." - Eric Hoffer I will try to remember this the next time rude comments are made about my daughter's behavior.




Bullies are like Sandpaper


This stands true for me since i've shut down from people, i feel more confident without their negative vibes bringing me down. I was tired of being excluded, and looked down on all while being friendly, polite, & supportive. I'm much more confident now. Self respect has taken away the insecurities. I'm also getting a very sharp intuition as i get older that i listen very closely to.

if your mind............

Don't tell me what people said about me. Tell me why they were so comfortable telling you.

Weak People Revenge... Strong People Forgive... Intelligent People IGNORE.


Omg so true. I'm starting to treat people exactly how they treat me and they don't like it so much, who would have thought...

suround yourself with positive and good people

Wise Sayings: Quotes about Wisdom - Wishes Messages Sayings


I don't typically like negative quotes, but this is so true. If you always concentrate on the negative you'll never see the positive.

For Sure..... Some people forget how to treat people with respect and what is really important in life.

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