maze quilt

Week36 'Joanne's Maze Quilt' a two colored design I created using blacks and whites. This is a very simple quilt to make and can easily be made by the beginning quilter. The most difficult element of this quilt is the actual path of the maze. You will need to take care when arranging your layout if you choose to deviate from the one I have supplied. I kept finding that I needed to make wee adjustments as I would find some paths being 2 squares thick instead of one - so frustrating!

Maze quilt #quilt

pattern for a maze quilt | ... it would be cool to make a quilt that was a maze. And I was right

Ah-mazing Improv Quilt - Jelly roll quilt patterns can finally get a modern edge! Use this free jelly roll quilt pattern from @Jenn L Overstreet and @ModaFabrics and make it your own with strip quilt piecing variations.

New Great Lakes Quilt by Haptic Labs

kitty quilt

The triangle quilt How-to


Churndash Court Quilt Pattern – Sassafras Lane Designs

"Geared for Guys" quilt book -- "manly" quilts.


The best instructions I've seen so far to join the ends on a quilt binding!! Did it correctly the first time. Amazing!! And, no tools!!

beautiful quilt

Colorful quilt

#Quilt pattern I love! This is a fun one, and fairly easy too! pattern from E Burns scrappy block (used for signature quilts that were done)

Vintage quilt pattern

4 by 4 and an X - Easy quilt to make

How cool is this quilt, looks like the blocks have a light in them. What's in your box....Quilt Inspiration: Arizona Quilt Show