The Educators' Spin On It: Raising a Strong Willed Child: We Get It Series

Strong willed child....another pinner said, "This is the best article I've ever read about this topic."

Maybe I'll find something helpful for my middle.

How to harness a strong-willed child the right way |

Amen!!! Let him/her discuss his/her point, but NEVER argue back!

LOVE this list!! gonna have to put many of these ideas into play at our house =)

How to raise a happy child & discipline less! - in-the-corner

Does it drive you nuts that your children interrupt you? There is a simple and effective solution.

Do you have a strong-willed child? Me, too. They're always testing limits and pushing boundaries. It can be exhausting. As tempting as it is to give in, it only makes things worse. I learned the hard way. Here's a few methods that helped me gain the respect of my strong-willed children. It's made all the difference.

"When you assume the worst about your child, the worst is often all you can see. When you assume the best about your child, they tend to live up to your expectations. Assume the best intentions and the best motivations to grow the best parent/child relationship." L.R.Knost

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Raising Godly Children. I really like this article, "10 Things To Remember When Your Child Is Disobedient" --love this

There are more creative, gentle ways to discipline a child. ( A new post in the Faithful Parenting series)

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I read this and it's so good.

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