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Maybe you should just stop being afraid. And just love her as hard as you can. Fuck your walls. Just jump. There is no better time for bravery than in love and in war.

"My best friend is mentally ill. Whenever she has panic attacks she likes listening to piano music. I just signed up to lessons so I can learn. "

Ok ... I hafta admit, I have actually started listening to Christmas music (and will probably do so until some time during the first week of...

SAFE!!!!!! CUPCAKE - A1097583 - - Brooklyn Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 12/02/16 A volunteer writes: Cupcake is such a sweet little treat! She is petite, has a crooked (but always wagging) tail, and her ears are sprinkled with spots. She seems to have a fair amount of energy, but manages to be very easy to handle. She hardly pulls on leash, is a good listener, and almost constantly checks in by looking up at me (I’m sure the treats in my pocket have something to do with it, bu

No. This is not okay. Listen up, peeps, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should ANYONE encourage someone else to kill them-self. Not only is it disrespectful and rude, it's totally and utterly horrifying. I don't care if you're Muslim, atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Hindi, or anything else. You do not deserve to be disrespected, and you should never disrespect others.

me with my parents and they say something insulting and I about to start dropping some facts on them.

Shitty people to me are the ones that don't tip their waitress /waiter, leaves their buggy in the parking lot, or rude. Just plain rude. Your not special calm the hell down.