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  • Ashley Erin

    No Bad Kids... One of the better parenting articles I've read!

  • Alma Munoz

    No Bad Kids – Toddler Discipline Without Shame (9 Guidelines). This article is fantastic, great tips! I'll need to read this later.

  • Andrea Crampton

    No Bad Kids- disciplining toddlers

  • Emily White

    Toddler discipline. Ideas and reasons, worth a read, but conclude your own.

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Toddler Discipline - Dealing with a toddler is frustrating (at least in my case) – constant tantrums, crayon all over the walls, and my toddler always unhappy with mommy. Maybe be the only way making it through the terrible twos with a smile is to move out of the house and separating yourself from the unhappy toddler until he turns 4? It’s a joke, of course, but I want to pull my hair out half the time while dealing with my two year old. Looking for some helpful suggestion

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This just might be one of the cutest toddlers I've ever seen.

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Really Good reminders. Molly is hitting the terrible twos RIGHT before her baby sister arrives :)

I share lots of advice about toddler behavior because I know many parents find discipline issues intensely challenging. I was one of them. With my first child, especially, learning to recognize and respond effectively to her tests and limit-pushing b

Talking with Kids: Seven Tips for Practicing Positive Discipline | ~ 1) Understand the meaning behind the behavior. 2) Focus on controlling yourself—not your child. 3) Be consistent with your expectations. 4) Give attention to the behavior you like—not the behavior you don't. 5) Redirect, redirect, redirect. 6) Exploit the "energy drain." 7) Don't bribe.