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One of the biggest problems facing the Everglade swamps is the continuous diversion of water for human needs through the use of levees and canals.

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cypress roots reflected in the water - Great Dismal Swamp, Virginia

I once dreamt that my biological father picked me up to spend some time with me & took me to a swamp just liek this & we road quads all day. When i woke up, i couldn't wait to meet him one day.. till I remembered he was passed away. I cried. I don't ever recall seeing a swamp before though so its nuts how I dreamt a scene that looked just liek this.

As we have seen in this look at the world's most gorgeous swamps, they are not places of decay, ghosts or death but rather are vibrant and full of life – areas that are home to myriad mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, invertebrates and amphibians. Not only do such species live there, but many which are endangered thrive in the swampy conditions. This means it is of vital importance that we conserve these swamps instead of trying to divert the waters and change the ecosystems of these precious…


The China Olympic Cube turned into an indoor water park

China Olympic cube turned into an indoor water park