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Pier Angeli - Photo by George Silk, 1952. - I wonder what sort of act I could do with a ladder... or a flat net like the giant dream catcher

Daisy and Violet Hilton (1908-1969), conjoined twins. The pretty and talented twins worked in the sideshow and vaudeville (with Bob Hope). They also appeared in the movies 'Freaks' and 'Chained for Life'. They had a few short-lived publicity marriages. They couldn't get work in the 60s and ended up abandoned by their manager and penniless. They worked at a supermarket the last eight years of their lives. After not reporting for work, it was discovered they had died of influenza.

Laverie Vallee (July 18, 1875- February 6, 1949) best known by her stage name Charmion. She was a Sacramento born trapezee artist who performed a risque act for the Victorian era.

vintage circus performers.

Miss Dorita, Snake Charmer by Man Ray 1930

vintage circus performer + a pretty elephant.

Circus equestrienne ༺נαηιє♥кαтнℓєєη༻

girl contortionist May Wirth (1894-1978), A performer with Wirth Bros. circus in 1911; also engaged by John Ringling for two seasons to tour with his Barnum Bailey circus. Born May Zinga, she was adopted by the sister of Phillip and George Wirth, Marizles Wirth, who later married John Martin. May Wirth is regarded as one of the greatest female acrobats on horseback of all times.

vintage trapeze performer.

vintage circus performers.

vintage circus performer.

Mlle Gabrielle - Sideshow

fortune teller.

Vintage Circus Performers

vintage circus.

vintage circus flapper gal.

vintage circus performers.

vintage circus | mustache.

strange people | vintage circus.

the "fat lady" | Victorian circus.

tattooed lady | Victorian circus.

the fat lady's caravan | vintage circus.

sideshow (freakshow) performers | vintage circus.

Violet and Daisy Hilton were conjoined twins sharing a common blood and nervous system. They were sold by their impecunious mother to a midwife, who greedily took advantage of their misfortune; while they sang, danced, played instruments in circus sideshows, their veritable slave-owner kept all their earnings and forbade them from socializing. Eventually a lawyer helped them escape and even reacquire money they were swindled out of. They went on to do movies (including 1932’s Freaks).

knife thrower's assistant | vintage circus.