Imagine this!

Africa | Woman with a sewing machine in Zaire | ©Jose Azel

Man with sewing machine in a river...

Woman carrying sewing machine on her head

by Frans Lanting

sewing machine. No foot pedal. You push on the base instead. Great design. Alto Sewing Machine by Sarah Dickins

Story of my sewing life lol

Mahafaly woman carrying sewing machine, Southern Madagascar

Wow! I have done this sooo many times! You think I would learn eventually!!

For the girls. :-) Janome Hello Kitty 11706 Sewing MachineJanome Hello Kitty 11706 Sewing Machine,

old vintage sewing machine

"Blanche in the Dry Goods Store"

Basket collection - amazing! @artpropelled

Not only is race used to differentiate between people, culture also plays a part. The color of their skin is biological, but different cultures are a choice. There is an overall American theme that Americans accept all, but in reality it is the white upper to upper middle class that is accepted. Other cultures are trivialized with stereotypes.

vintage sewing tools

Tea in the Afternoon

Think of all the things that this machine created in its time....

For the LOVE of Thread!

Sewing Machine. Just a beginners one. I really don't know anything about sewing machines, but I would like to learn.

Quilters' Anonymous LOL