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David Tennant

"Nerd guys look at the this picture and see the Doctor; Nerd girls look at this picture and see the Doctor and their future huband." - and some of the guys I am guessing.

Doctor Who: 'I rate sexiness on a scale of 1 to Tennant.' Oh yes :P

I rate sexiness on a scale of 1 to Tennant. So true :)

I miss David Tennant

Doctor Who My favorite Doctor. is the tenth incarnation. He wasn't my first Doctor and it was really hard for me to choose between 10 But absolutely no one is better at being the Time Lord.

Molto bene!

David Tennant, the best Doctor to ever have the role. with the best hair. just cant get over that hair.<<nobody can ever get over the hair.

Sweet Mother of Celestia... That is a mad man whose box I'd love to visit. Which is to say, David Tennant. Also, YUMM!

Sweet Mother of Celestia. That is a mad man whose box I'd love to visit. Which is to say, David Tennant. Also, YUMM!<<<I'm an eleven person, but mate, ten IS pretty hot

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Marvel just recruited David Tennant. Supernatural abilities to control people's wills. ten years ago david tennant was introduced to us as the tenth doctor. And might i say you did a fantastic job

I may or may not have already pinned this, but I love this picture so much that I just don't care.

Who has a more expressive face than David Tennant? Expressive and Handsome what more could a fangirl ask for?

The Doctor

This picture still creates a sensation of falling through vacuum in my chest. Oh the Tennant. (tip cred

David Tennant- the subtlety of his freckles, and not seen here, his crow's feet

Is it just me, or is he staring into my soul with those chocolate eyes of his?