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1950's kitchens and some bathrooms, too

Welcome to my gallery of 1950s kitchens, bathrooms and more — inspiration images from vintage advertising and marketing materials. These are just the beginning of help here on the blog to create a retro kitchen! INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the first image to launch the slide show, all images will show la...
  • Kat Trubey
    • 2 years ago

    I remember using the washing machine! Along with 2 rinse tubs to be sure there was no soap left in the clothes. Solar clothes dryer too ~ out on the clothesline! What fun ~ haha

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Angel Blouses of the 1960's. Usually white cotton with cotton lace... how I loved mine :)

Sears Christmas catalog, 1958

make do and mend, re-making clothes, 1940s rationing, 40s fashion

Typing class, 1970s. We learned how to type all styles of letters and had speed tests with time deducted for errors.

100 Years of Fashion Under 2 Minutes

Remember Woolworths? Yes, ours looked like this :) Remember Midnight in Paris toilet water?

Vintage Ad For Burry's Girl Scout Cookies, including Thin Mints!

The history of commercial baby food in the US | The Splendid Table

Polio sugar cube vaccine

Cassette Tapes...

Doll E Crib Bed Amsco Metal, 1955. I have this exact bed, and received it for Christmas in the early 50's. I had one too, it was light blue with the same decals ♥

We loved ours! How well I remember ours :)

Top songs 1972; Wow- how many of these do you remember the words to? Back when AM radio was king and very diverse. I remember most of these.

Mom had one just like this :) Electric Fry Pan Skillet - Family Night Popcorn!


At age 23, British secret agent Phyllis Latour Doyle parachuted into occupied Normandy in May 1944 to gather intelligence on Nazi positions in preparation for D-Day. As an agent for the British Special Operations Executive (SOE), Doyle secretly relayed 135 coded messages to the British military before France's liberation in August. Click through to read hers and more amazing stories of heroes and heroines in WWII.

make do and mend, re-making clothes, 1940s rationing, 40s fashion, knickers renewed!

Great idea, Mrs. Filbert. Actually it is quite good, and it just makes adding the fat and eggs easy. This recipe has been used for years.

`Kids now days won't know how these work!

Montgomery Ward (1968).

I remember having dresses that were similar to this. Mom bought me 3 at the start of each school year!

Loved playing with this

Grandma had one in her bathroom... Oh gosh I burned off all my long curls when I was 3 due to one of these...AWFUL MEMORY!

Aladdin lunch boxes