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High Time Jacket Fly high with the shaggy chic High Time Jacket. Steer away from the usual range of dull and conformist coats and try something a little bit different. Snug, cool and eyecatching. Polyester/Viscose #WishDesigns

Bracken Faux Fur Coat Embrace the winter. Absolutely stunning movie-star style radiates from the Bracken Faux Fur Coat. Featuring a plethora of natural colours that will grace both your wardrobe and your evening look for seasons to come. #WishDesigns

Sam | 18 | Belgium I'm just trying to hold on but somehow I can't seem to escape this labyrinth so i'm just finding my escape in books and by having huge tv series marathons I track the tag

Cocktail Suit, Jacquet-McDonalds: 1950's, polka-dot print lined linen blend, polka-dot insert, pencil skirt, matching high-collar belted capelet/jacket.

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