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  • Jennie Menindez

    I didn't even know existed. Totally want it for my birthday n.n

  • Des Plaines Public Library

    The Tucci Cookbook | Stanley Tucci with Joan and Stan Tucci, Gianni Scappin and Mimi Taft - This cookbook by actor Stanley Tucci and his family presents almost 200 recipes for delicious Italian food, each with suggested wine pairings, as well as family stories and photos. The recipes include Fried Dough, or Zeppole; Tucci Ragu Sauce; Drum of Ziti and Great Stuff, also known as Timpano alla Big Night); Cream-Filled Cannoli, and Tiramisu!

  • Barbara Griffiths

    Book Cover Image. Title: The Tucci Cookbook, Author: Stanley Tucci

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Heheh I hope they don't exclude this part : )

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