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  • Never a dull moment

    Short People Problems # 167 , Having to throw stuff on the top shelf

  • Pam Kessinger

    Short People Problem : like my closet...:(

  • Tori Martin

    Short People Problem #167: I always do this then get pissed that it doesn't look nice so have to bust out my stepping stool

  • Gretta Mae

    "ugh... and then they roll or fall back on you immediately... and you have to throw them again... and again... until finally you throw them and slam the door closed so it's booby trapped for the next opener... who thinks you're mean for booby trapping the closet"

  • Melissa Swallow

    Short People Problems. story of my life.

  • Heather Phillips

    Short People Problems... So true!

  • foxy stone

    Mad short girl skills

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Apparently I've been doing this wrong my whole life! Amber Fleeman I apologize and will use this as a guide for our future conversations. :)

You ever do that again, I'm gonna get me a stepladder and stick my finger up your nose, like this . . . . .

When people ask how I see to drive I explain about my sounds more mature than pillow...really.

Short People Problems #92: my current situation. And I can't grow out of this either, ugh.

short people problem #14 "wow you really are very short" everytime you take off your heels

Or having to wear heels just so your don't drag the bottom off your pants so quick:)

...truth! Short people look like a cartoon character running really fast when they are just trying to keep up the pace of others who are not vertically challenged.