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"The Gold Bug" Chrysina resplendens - Costa Rica and Panama


jewel beetle

awesome beetle!

Golden Scarab Beetle (Chrysina resplendens) by thebefuddledloris: Light reflected from the beetle is circularly polarized (left handed) due to the underlying structure of its chitinous cuticle. #Golden_Scarab_Beetle

Stag Beetle


Phanaeus vindex by Colin Hutton Photography, via Flickr

Metallic purple beetle by Ursula Skjonnemand, via Flickr


love beetles

beetle titan Coleoptera Titanus giganteu

Jewel Beetle - the name certainly fits.

Black and white weevil (frontal)

Dicronocephalus wallichi Atler Horned Beetle


It is one of the most striking insects. The golden tortoise beetle is a stunning, vibrant metallic gold color. It has a magical quality, not only because of the brilliance of its color, but also because the brilliance isn't permanent. Metriona can alter color within a short time period, turning from brilliant gold to a dull, spotty reddish color