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    Do I want college as part of my career plan?

  • Scholarship Opportunity

    Getting ready for college or career school can be easier than you think. Start by defining your goals and interests, understanding college costs, and planning financially and academically. Prepare for College | Federal Student Aid

  • Eastside Pathways

    An infographic on the importance of college education. This was developed by Federal Student Aid and answers the question "Why Go to College?"

  • Susan Davalos

    College Inforgraphic: Why go to college? and Can I get a good job now?; Income differences between no high school dimploma to a college degree from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Letty

    Why go to college? Here’s a simple equation: a college or career school education = more money, more job options, and more freedom. As you can see,

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I don't live on campus, I commute. But, this is good to know for my bedroom. Since I've started school, I've been incredibly disorganized.

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Hiring and salary trends, as well as what employers are expecting of you!

The Non-Tuition Costs of College - Costly expenses that come along with the life of a college students. On average, college students rack up between $2700-$7000 in credit card debt.

FAFSA Overview - {for 'fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks; tough kids, sissy kids even kids with chicken pox! Fill this form out if you are going to college}

"The Unprepared Nation: College Readiness Today" -- One-third of today’s college students require remediation. Of those students, half will never receive a college degree. Clearly, something isn’t working. This infographic lays out the state of college readiness in the U.S., and explains why being prepared for college matters now more than ever | #highered