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  • The Children's Center Staff

    Behavior Chart--- really like this as a model to use during a group discussion with older preschool kids

  • Monique Pat

    The Speech House: Asperger Perfectionism (sigh)----should print out for my kids also

  • Grace Bryant

    Good to remember: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Helpful for kids and adults

  • Anna Schlossberg

    Social skills activities to teach kids who struggle with perfectionism.

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FREEBIES - Posters for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Key Words. Also contains words for sorting.

In the book, The Principal 50: Critical Leadership Questions for Inspiring Schoolwide Excellence, Baruti Kafele, a veteran school administrator, guides motivated school leaders through 50 self-reflection exercises designed to yield a deeper understanding of the meaning behind the work that they do. Find the answers to these challenging questions and more in his book.

Anchor Chart | subject and predicate

Where's your proof? Teaching students to use evidence.

These catchy and fun lyrics and melodies make learning effortless for achieving life-long educational goals. I wrote these songs and created these activities to teach my students for life; therefore, I use an innovative method for reaching multiple learning styles. My music has reached and impacted every student that has been in my classroom. The inter-connectivity of my plan allows you to create an engaging and fun learning environment.

GREAT IDEA!!! Tone-- have them copy a page from a novel, highlight tone words, then turn it into a piece of art

Teach Tone With Just One Sentence meatballsinthemid...

On Twitter, I recently shared an excellent article by Justin Tarte called 5 Questions Every Teacher Should Ask Him/Herself. The first reflection question Justin recommends is: Who is doing a majority of the talking in your classroom? It’s the person who is doing the majority of the talking that tends to do the most learning, so what …

this might be a sign that you are doing ALL of the work for them

600 Other Ways to Say Common Things: Improving Student Vocabulary

Fabulous Fourth Grade: Anchor Charts I'm going to make a binder of all my anchor charts. What a great resource!

Inference chart from ELA in the Middle | Middle School English Language Arts

Fabulous Fourth Grade: Anchor Charts

From Fabulous Fourth Grade blog

Free Dolch Reading Passages for words lists (1-11)

Free Bloom's Question Prompts......Follow for Free "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)

Teaching students to write long reading response off of sticky note thinking


Fair Vs. Equal classroom poster - exactly what I was searching for!

contraction caterpillar....also can be used with compound words, math problems, story elements.....

The students read the passage independently, then travel around the classroom answering the questions on butcher paper. There can be 3-4 stations with each station asking a question about a story element (i.e. one on characters, one on setting etc). Each stations has enough squares for each student in the class to write their answer. The question can be posted on the butcher paper, or on the wall. Students must support their answer with evidence from the story.

I love this timer and it's only $11.00 at

Pinner writes, "Love this. If I had seen this when I was a kid I would have actually understood place value."

make this poster at the beginning of the year and add to it as we read -- my kids always have a hard time with theme

Prefix/suffix foldable. Great for readers NB notes.... or as a bulliton board...