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Never forget who's next, so smart! #diy

Happy Birthday Board DIY : this could also be used for anniversaries & holidays. Never forget who has a birthday next.such a good idea! (No belated birthday cards to send anymore!

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Birthday Board: mine is a little different than the original pin I saw of this. Since I have so many birthdays to include, I opted for two separate tags, one for month, and one for days. Mine is a canvas instead of wood. The tags are just cardboard pre-ma

Love this simplified version of the birthday board. Maybe magnetize & hang on fridge!

Love this simplified version of the birthday board. I need to add it to a corner of the organization board I have pictured for the mud room

Pinza para la ropa rústica plataforma madera por EdisonAvenue

This pallet board holder can be used for so many every day uses such as shopping lists, to do diy home decor on a budget

Hello, Lovelies! Happy Wednesday!I am so excited to share with you all another great tutorial using vinyl from Belvedere Designs. This family birthday board is a creative and&nb…

family birthday board {a tutorial}

Family Birthday Board tutorial--what a GREAT idea for remembering birthdays and other special occasions!

Unwrap the ice-cream sandwiches and lay them into a 9x13 pan. You may have to cut some of the sandwiches to fit. Pour the desired amount of ...

So Easy - I Scream Ice-Cream Cake

I Scream Ice Cream Cake ~ Ingredients: 1 container of whipped topping, 1 jar of caramel topping, Chocolate Syrup, 1 package of ice-cream sandwiches (box of Sprinkles – optional, Elastic waistband pants – optional :)

Paint, blow dry, and then duct tape to give a weathered look.

The Ripped Effect

Paint, blow dry, and then duct tape to give a weathered look.hmmm… duct tape… didnt think of that

Good Idea Friday - Glue and Food Coloring to Make Colored Beach Glass | Don't Pin That

elmers glue and food color !Sea Glass Candlesticks-Elmer's Epic FAIL: Glue + food coloring painted on old glass candlesticks = 'seaglass' stained candlesticks! Where I live, GLUE = BUGS and Brush Marks. Wonder how they did it for the picture?