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  • Inga Lucena

    Ice and Snow Photography |

  • Victoria Lang

    Columned Glacial Bridge, Antarctica We have glaciers in Alaska, but this is stellar.

  • Lisa Rogers

    Columned Glacial Bridge, Antarctica. HOLLY CRAPOLLA !!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL

  • selambaness

    Columned Glacial Bridge, Antarctica aka the Northern Water Tribe! lololol

  • Carol Haggard

    This beautiful picture was titled "Antarctica". Pardon me but... when did we get ice sculptures in Antartica? At least I don't have to blame pinners on Pinterest for this as it was on the Net this way. Have we never heard of Photo Shopping? We are sooo gullible! ...Carol

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I am crazy about this shade of blue. It seems to only be found in the compacted, airless ice of glaciers. Just shows that God is the ultimate artist!

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