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The Internet of Things [INFOGRAPHIC] -- a look at the "things" other than devices that are and will be connected to the internet. Astonishing statistics.

Future Hype : the myths of technology change by Robert B. Seidensticker @ 303.483 Se4 2006

You are not a gadget: a manifesto by Jaron Lanier @ 303.4833 L27 2010

"CES 2013: Plastic Logic PaperTab flexible tablet could be the future of paper" -- concept only at this stage, but fascinating. [NOTE: Not everything at click-through is suitable for work or for children.]

"Mobile Health Assistant. New technology will go under our skin, but literally. This is great way combine technology, mobility and health." I'll reserve judgment...

"Play Starcraft Using Your Eyes With This Eye-Tracker" -- Click through for video.

Wikinomics : how mass collaboration changes everything by Don Tapscott @ 658.046 T16 2006

Alone together : why we expect more from technology and less from each other by SheryTurkle @ 303.4833 T84 2011

Power friending: demystifying social media to grow your business by Amber Mac @ 658.872 M11 2010

Rewired : Understanding the iGeneration and the way they learn by Larry D. Rosen @ 371.334 R72 2010

Stealing MySpace: the battle to control the most popular website in America by Julia Angwin @338.76 An4 2009

Socialnomics: how social media transforms the way we live and do business by Erik Qualman @ 658. 872 Q2 2009

Mass media, social control, and social change: a macrosocial perspective by David Demers @ 302.23 M382

338.76 Au5 2009

338.76 V19 2011

302.3028 So1 2011

302.23 J41 2008

302.231 P17 2008

650.14 Sch2 2010

My favorite social media book is Platform, by Michael Hyatt. Platform is a “Step-By-Step Guide for Anyone With Something to Say or Sell” (t...