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      2012 Summer Olympics for Kids | Olympic Games, Crafts Activities for Kids - "The 2012 Summer Olympics are in London, England and last from July 27-Aug 12, 2012. Celebrate the world's largest sporting event by creating Olympic-themed kids' crafts and participating in kid-friendly activities and games."

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    "Beijing 2008 Olympics Panda"

    "Olympics Could be Key to Growth of NFL - Football" -- Interesting post from 2010 about whether the Olympics should include American football.

    In the click-through album on 100 years of Olympic equestrian events comes this (machine translation) "Sensational discovery: the opening of the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936, the airship LZ 129 'Hindenburg' was released in the Olympic Stadium. Photo: photo archive in the German Horse Museum."

    "Watch the Evolution of the Winter Olympics' Opening Ceremony: Track the parade of nations' 86-year progression from Chamonix, France to Vancouver, Canada" -- On the eve of the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony, "Rolling Stone" compiled this collection of videos showing the "Pomp, Snow and Circumstance" of each of the Winter Olympics "from 1924 to 2010, save three shows for which video footage was unavailable." Nice!

    "Fireworks explode above the iconic Tower Bridge over the River Thames during the [London 2012 Olympics] Opening Ceremony." Photo by Lefteris Pitarakis

    "Probably the most famous Sydney Harbour Bridge Fireworks was in the year 2000 when Sydney hosted the olympic games. Millions watched from around the world as the Harbour Bridge lit up with the famous olympic rings."

    "The Winter Olympics Are Really Just Several Types of Sliding" -- Made me laugh!

    "Russia Pokes Fun at Olympic Ring Malfunction in Closing Ceremony" -- I laughed out loud at this when I saw it on TV, as did everyone in the stadium live! BIG score in the "laugh at yourself" category for the Russians. Click through for more.

    "Sochi Olympics an Opportunity to Take Social Media Gold"

    "Looking Back: [43] Photos From the First 12 Winter Olympics [1924 to 1976]," from "The Atlantic" -- Click through for some fascinating photos! -- Shown: Precursor to the Zamboni! "To form a fresh smooth surface, lukewarm water is poured over the ice of the speed skating rink of Lake Misurina, where the 1956 Winter Olympics speed skating events will take place in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy, on January 13, 1956." (AP Photo)

    "Sochi Olympic Park As Seen From Space" -- Tweeted by the Johnson Space Center saying: "Dramatic photo taken by the ISS crew showing #Sochi Olympic Park. Fisht Stadium and the flame are visible."

    "20 Twitter Accounts to Follow For the 2014 Winter Olympics" -- A wide variety of choices and types of accounts suggested by Mashable. Shown: "Lolo Jones and Elana Meyers of the U.S. women's bobsled team at the Bobsled World Cup on Jan 5, 2014."

    "Sochi Olympics Off to Rough Start Before They Even Begin" -- Click through for a very funny, if slightly scary article (in the "I'm so glad I'm not there" vein), with tweets about Sochi trials and tribulations.

    "U.S. issues travel alert for Sochi Olympics" -- Click through for video about what the concerns are and what the teams are doing. Article at click-through includes concerns for LGBT Americans traveling there because of a rather vague Russian law.

    "50 Crazy Facts About the Winter Olympics"

    "Disney Mickey Gold Medal USA Olympic 2004 Pin" -- Pin is for an auction, so click-through photo may no longer be there.

    "New events added [in 2011] to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games Program"

    Click through for the English-language official site for Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics - "Olympic Tickets, Schedules, Games, News"

    Fabulous compilation!! "Winter Olympics 2014: Carrying the flame - Photos - The Big Picture -" -- Click through for 31 of the most unusual torchbearing photos I've ever seen. Includes the ISS, this reindeer sleigh, a nuclear icebreaker at the North Pole, a Russian Navy sail training ship, a copper foundry, and more...

    "Yahoo signs deal with NBC to offer live-streaming of 2014 Winter Olympics" -- Click through and click here ( for more information on the free and subscription shows.

    Totally tickled at this Banksy street art from the 2012 London Olympics games. Click-through has more street art from those games.

    "Olympic Tapes A," by Cody Hamilton

    "Sochi 2014 Guide" Application -- If you're going to the games, this app (available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) is designed to help with venues, transportation, real-time feeds, and more. [Photo is not for this same app, but click-through is to the download page.]

    "Sochi 2014 Unveils Olympic Medals" -- Click through for more photos and detailed descriptions.

    November 7, 2013: Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch makes historic space walk -- Click through for the details of this rather incredible feat... This will be the torch that will ultimately be used to light the flame.