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    footprints in the snow

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    Yule Light - Care2 eCards, Free Online Animated Greeting Cards

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    "Follow the voice of your heart, even if it leads you off the path of timid souls." ~William Reich

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    8ZZ. Photo: "Yule Light" -- Ayla "was going...back to the cave of the clan...[but] she couldn't identify a single landmark...covered with snow... [She] was almost overwhelmed with dismay...took a couple of short steps forward...her foot coverings were loose-fitting circles of leather gathered...at the ankle, & two pair...in a ballooning effect...did tend to spread her weight over a larger area, & they made it easier for her to keep from floundering too deeply into the light powder snow." p.283-4

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"An eclipse and sunset happening simultaneously."

"Nature photography, Winter trees, Stars, Night, Sky, Blue,Sapphire, Nature, Wall art, Home decor." By Fizzstudio on Etsy. -- Stunning, stunning, stunning!!! I LOVE these colors!!

"Easter Sunrise Survice [sic] Mass, Cross (3)," by MangaSpiritWolf on deviantART.

"Reaching the Dawn," by Renae Smith on "Capture Southwest Washington" -- "This is a view on my daily drive to work near Hockinson. I rarely get there at sunrise -- only this time of year when sunrise is late enuf for a nightowl!"

"Morning Calmness," by Adrian, via Flickr. -- "This was taken a few years ago after the river Darenth [near London; a tributary of the Thames] had burst its banks the water was almost up to the path!"

"Totem-Pole-Starburst," by neutronman61, via Flickr -- "The famous totem pole formation in Monument Valley at sunrise."

"Sunset, Paradise Beach, The Gambia," by D.A. Renny, via Flickr

"Sunsets even like to make faces"

"Honoring the fallen all nations past & present." -- The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, D.C.

"Halloween Sunrise [2011]," by Raymond Cunningham, via Flickr -- What an appropriate color!

"Purple Mountains," by atkinson000, via Flickr -- Majesty, indeed. [According to the tags, these are the Shenandoah Mountains.]

Wallpaper: "Green Sunset Nature Plants Lucky Macro Clover"

"Flamingos in flight at sunrise," By: Giangiorgio Crisponi -- From the tags, it appears that this is Sardinia.

I don't know how they did it, but this "Heart-shaped sunset wallpaper" is pretty. -- [NOTE: click through has a TON of ads, not all suitable for work or children.]

"A Super Bowl XLVII sculpture sits on a barge along the Riverwalk [at sunrise], Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013, in New Orleans. The Baltimore Ravens play the San Francisco 49ers in NFL football's Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday."

"winter sunrise III," By: Katarzyna Gritzmann

"Anchor Sunset"--Picture of the Day, 19 Nov 2010 taken by Antonio Montanha, Portugal. "I was in a boat headed to Morocco when I got the idea for this photo. It turned out much better then I was expecting, proving simple things are surprising lovely sometimes."

"New Year's Eve," by Photos by KJS, via Flickr -- "The last sunset of 2012. Happy New Year to All!"

Santa Cruz, California. "When I was in Santa Cruz, I was totally rushed to get here at the last minute for this photo! I arrived just as the sun was setting to get some shots from above, then came down to the beach to take some more of the reflection off the wet sand. It was so perfect down there, and it lasted for a good thirty minutes after sunset, which was quite convenient! - from Trey Ratcliff..."

"Light Of God," by Jyothy Rose

"Sunset at Jao Camp: Pictures of African Safari Lodges in Botswana and Namibia"

Sunrise -- No attribution or further information.

"Christmas in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia -- Holiday Tree Sunset and Lights" -- Click through for a photo tour.

"From Norbeck's Peak, Badlands National Park [South Dakota]" -- Facebook Covers from bruceellingson.com/

"Sunset Photography," by Eric Cahan