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"Red Heart in Montmartre - Romantic sign in Montmartre, Paris," by ParisianMoments, via Etsy. -- Don't know what store this is indicating, but I like it!

"Part of Paris bridge collapses under weight of 'love locks' left by tourists - Is there such a thing as too much love?" -- A five-foot long section of metal mesh fell inwards onto the Pont des Arts footbridge on June 8, 2014, under the weight of the hundreds of thousands of "love-locks" attached to the bridge by couples. (Photo: Twitter/Eric Andre)

"Heart Bokeh," by Heather Head, via Flickr

Nice fireworks heart! -- (Click through was a 2009 post about "Festivals And Fireworks In Metro Detroit")

"Queen of Hearts," by Elmo Hood -- Print for sale at click-through. -- Hood has done some amazing work, but my favorites by far are his playing card pieces; see more of them here:

"primavera," by pespaim via Flickr -- Springtime in Porto Alegre, a city in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. Click through to read "Canção da Primavera - Mario Quintana," [Song of Spring], a lovely poem in Portuguese.

Not a heart, but certainly love! "Graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, who were not allowed to be buried together. Roermond, NL, 1888" -- Full story, different photo, and links to more here: mysendoff.tumblr....

"Sculpture 'Het blauwe hart' ['The Blue Heart'] (1998) from plexiglass and steel structure" -- Oude Langendijk (Vermeer's neighborhood once) in Delft, The Netherlands -- Artist is Marcel Smink; more info here (page is in Dutch) -- delft.kunstwacht.... --> It is: the heart of the city where history and tourism meet; the city center bus roundabout; Delft blue; and lit from within at night.

"Untitled," (and unfaced, too!) -- posted by sophie curtis via Flickr -- I love that this was likely in someone's locket...

"Trick or Treat, How I Spent my Pagan New Years" ~ Valerie Mitchell | elephant journal

"Oliver's Love," by amyla174, via Flickr

"Lady Bug" by blackjack

Heart Shaped Drinking Straws

"Shamrock heart," by After darkness, light., via Flickr -- "A wood sorrel leaf is composed of three hearts."

Very cool graphic from the post "Valentine’s Day: Love letter to social media"

Click-through article, "Social Media Has Changed the Relationship Game" has an infographic [] with some good cautionary advice; I just liked this particular graphic.

Valentine's Day Wallpaper -- sweet.

At site: "...a memorial to the many hearts which must have been pounding away on this very spot before being executed." Wikipedia: "The Heart of Midlothian is a heart-shaped mosaic built into the the High Street section of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. records the position of the...Old Tolbooth [15th c. to 1817]...the administrative centre of the town, prison & [a site] of public execution. The building features in Sir Walter Scott's [1818] novel, 'The Heart of Midlothian'..."

"05073006 -- Sweden 'Kisses of Fire' of Celebration of Light, Vancouver," by madamlemon, via Flickr

"Hearts in nature: [11] naturally occurring and man-made heart shapes photographed from the air" Shown: Heart-shaped garden in Waltrop, Germany

"20 Cute Animal Towel Sculptures" -- Shown: Sweet Couple Swan Towel Sculpture

A little Christmas ♥

Silver Fork Bracelet in Original Intertwining Hearts Design, via Etsy

"Traffic lights in Paris: a heart-stopping experience."