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  • Holly Hogland

    Like autumn leaves floating in a sunlit pond, this vast expanse of magnificent stingrays animates the bright blue seas of the Gulf of Mexico. Measuring up to 6ft 6in across, poisonous golden cow-nose rays migrate in groups - or 'fevers' - of up to 10,000 as they glide their way silently towards their summer feeding grounds.

  • Matt Manahan

    Mass Migration of Golden Cow-Nose Stingrays, Gulf of Mexico

  • Viviana Pendrill

    Manta ray migration, Gulf of Mexico

  • Tony Pineda

    Twice a year, 10 thousand Stingrays migrate in the Gulf of Mexico in spring from the Yucatan Peninsula to Florida and back in fall.

  • Fun to "Get Rich"

    Twice a year in the Gulf of Mexico sting rays migrate. About 10 thousand sting rays swim from the Yucatan Peninsula to Florida in the spring and back in the fall.

  • TripBucket

    See Golden Ray Migration, Gulf of Mexico - TripBucket Twice a year thousands of golden rays, also known as cownosed rays, make a migration between Western Florida and the Yucatan Peninsula. Known to travel in groups (or 'fevers' ) of over 10,000 rays, the blue water will turn to gold as they glide just below the surface. Their migration heads north in late spring and south in late autumn.

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