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  • Christy Hale

    Hunger Games humor at Starbucks! LOL I NEVER get tired of reading this one! Makes me laugh every time!

  • Julia Vasquez

    This is sooo happening next time I go to a starbucks in a random town I don't know anyone in :D #Bucketlist

  • Kaiti Schaffner

    Bucket list for sure! HUNGER GAMES HUMOR

  • Amanda Miller

    Starbucks order like a boss

  • Amber Reid

    @Bethany Oliver funny stuff.. we should totally go to starbucks just to try...

  • Paige Smith

    Today at Starbucks I had then write Primrose Everdeen on my cup. When it was ready & the barista called it out I yelled "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" took my cup and left. #HungerGamesHumor

  • Elise Varenhorst

    Starbucks AND the Hunger Games. Brilliant

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